Master the Art of Taming Parrots in Minecraft: A Guide for Gamers!

As an avid explorer of the complex and captivating world of Minecraft, I’ve learned that mastering the art of taming its diverse array of creatures can significantly enhance your gameplay. Today, I am excited to delve into the vibrantly feathered realm of Minecraft parrots. This guide will provide you with comprehensive insights and practical steps to train these exotic birds successfully.

Taming parrots in Minecraft is not merely about domesticating a pet; it’s about unlocking an ally. As you’ve probably discovered from your encounters with tamed cats or foxes, each creature in the Minecraft universe comes with its unique set of skills and behaviors that can prove to be invaluable assets in your digital journey.

With their vibrant plumage and jovial chatter, parrots can bring a delightful dash of tropical ambiance to your Minecraft world. Moreover, these winged companions are more than just pretty pixels. They possess unique abilities that can aid your survival and adventure in the game.

In this guide, I’ll take you through the process of taming parrots in Minecraft, from understanding their unique behavior to gathering the necessary items for their taming. I’ll also address the benefits of having a tamed parrot, common challenges you might face, and a few handy tips and tricks to make the entire process smoother.

So, whether you’re an experienced player looking to diversify your Minecraft menagerie, or a beginner eager to make your first feathered friend, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to tame parrots like a pro. Let’s embark on this colorful journey together!

Understanding Parrots in Minecraft

Where to Find Parrots?

Just as I’ve guided you through the steps on how to tame a cat and a fox in Minecraft, I am now ready to venture into the vibrant world of parrots. These colorful companions add an exotic touch to your Minecraft universe, but where can you find them?

Parrots spawn in jungle biomes, the lush, green environments filled with tall trees and climbing vines. They often appear in small groups, adding a splash of color to the verdant landscape. Keep in mind, however, that these feathered friends are not as common as some other creatures in Minecraft, making them a prized find for any dedicated gamer.

Behavior and Characteristics of Parrots

Parrots in Minecraft are more than just their bright plumage. They have unique behaviors and characteristics that set them apart from other creatures. For one, they are capable of imitating the sounds of other mobs, a feature that can be both amusing and potentially helpful.

Parrots are passive mobs, meaning they won’t attack the player, and they are prone to fly around when not tamed. They are attracted to cookies but feeding them these will unfortunately lead to their demise, a fact that often surprises many players. Instead, seeds are their preferred diet when it comes to taming.

One fascinating trait of these birds is their ability to dance. If a music disc is played on a jukebox near them, they will start to groove, adding a touch of whimsy to your Minecraft world. This playful behavior is just one of many reasons why parrots are such a delightful addition to your blocky domain.

In summary, parrots are a unique, vibrant, and entertaining mob to interact with in Minecraft. Their colorful presence, entertaining habits, and the challenge they present in taming make them a rewarding pursuit for any player. Stay tuned for the next section where I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of taming your own parrot.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tame Parrots

Step One: Gathering Necessary Items

The first step in any successful taming venture is to be prepared. In the case of parrots, the item you need is Minecraft’s version of a peace offering – seeds. Parrots are fond of all kinds of seeds, so you can use wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or even beetroot seeds. To gather these seeds, you need to break grass blocks or find them in chests. The seeds are not too hard to come by, but it’s always better to be over-prepared than under.

Step Two: Finding a Parrot

Now that you’re equipped with your seeds, it’s time to embark on the search for a parrot. Parrots are found in jungle biomes, flitting about the trees and adding vibrant splashes of color to the verdant surroundings. Jungle biomes are typically lush and dense, so it’s crucial to keep your eyes peeled. The parrots are not shy creatures and their squawks can be heard over considerable distances, acting as a helpful audio guide. Remember, patience is key here. In the same way you’d approach taming a cat, you need to take your time and approach slowly.

Step 3: Taming Process

Once you’ve spotted a parrot, approach it slowly and carefully to avoid startling it. Right-click on the parrot with the seeds in your hand. This initiates the taming process. You’ll notice heart particles around the parrot, which indicates that the taming process is ongoing. This might take a few tries as there’s only a one-third chance of successful taming each time you feed the parrot seeds. However, do not be disheartened, persistence is crucial. Just like when you’re taming a horse, it may take several attempts, but the end result is worth it.

Once tamed, the parrot will sit on your shoulder, adding not just a dash of color but also a trusty companion to your Minecraft adventures. To get the parrot off your shoulder, simply jump and it will take flight. Should you wish to make it sit in one place, right-click on the parrot and it will obediently sit and stay put.

Mastering the art of taming parrots in Minecraft takes time and patience, but the rewards are worth every moment spent. A tamed parrot adds not just a dash of color but also a trusty companion to your Minecraft adventures. Happy taming!

Benefits of Having a Tame Parrot in Minecraft

Alerting Dangers

Having a tamed parrot by your side in Minecraft can be a significant advantage, especially when it comes to foreseeing potential threats. These vibrant creatures are innately sensitive to the presence of hostile mobs. When a foe is within a certain radius, your parrot will mimic its sound, providing a valuable alert system. This unique characteristic can save you from unforeseen attacks and help you prepare for battles.


In the vast, often solitary world of Minecraft, tamed parrots can provide much-needed companionship. Their bright colors and charming sounds make them enjoyable companions, and they can follow you on your adventures. Unlike taming a cat or a fox in Minecraft, parrots don’t scatter or run away, adding a sense of solidarity and continuity to your gaming experience.


Tamed parrots also serve as aesthetic enhancements in the game. Their vivid colors and graceful movements can add life and vibrancy to your Minecraft home. You can even make them sit on your shoulders, adding an extra layer of interaction and personalization. This decorative aspect sets taming parrots apart from more utilitarian pursuits, such as taming a mule or a pig in Minecraft.

In conclusion, taming parrots in Minecraft is more than just a side activity. It can provide you with an early warning system, companionship, and a way to personalize your in-game experiences. So, why wait? Start your parrot-taming adventure today and reap these benefits!

Common Challenges in Taming Parrots and How to Overcome Them?

Taming parrots in Minecraft can be a delightful adventure, but it’s not without its challenges. I’ve encountered numerous hurdles in my journey to master the art, and I’m here to share my experiences and solutions.

Challenge 1: Locating Parrots

Parrots are exclusive to the Jungle biome, and finding them can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, their vibrant colors and distinctive sounds can make the search easier. I recommend increasing your game’s sound level to pinpoint their location.

Challenge 2: Acquiring Seeds

Seeds are crucial for taming parrots, but harvesting them can be a tedious task. The quickest way to gather seeds is by breaking grass blocks or leaves. You can also try farming wheat, beetroot, melons, or pumpkins.

Challenge 3: The Taming Process

The taming process itself can be a bit tricky. Parrots are a bit capricious and don’t always respond to seeds on the first try. However, persistence is key. Keep feeding them seeds until hearts appear above their heads, indicating they are tamed.

Challenge 4: Protecting Your Tamed Parrot

Once tamed, parrots can become targets for hostile mobs. To protect your feathered friend, make sure to keep it indoors or in a well-secured area. Also, instruct it to sit (by right-clicking on it) to prevent it from following you into dangerous situations.

Learning from my experiences in taming a horse and a fox in Minecraft, I can’t stress enough the importance of patience and strategy in overcoming these challenges.

Remember, every challenge you encounter is an opportunity to learn and become a more skilled gamer. So, arm yourself with knowledge, pack plenty of seeds, and embark on the exciting journey of taming parrots in Minecraft. Your colorful companions are awaiting you in the lush jungles of the game world.

Tips and Tricks for Taming Parrots in Minecraft

As an ardent gamer, I’ve discovered a plethora of strategies to help tame parrots in Minecraft more efficiently. Here are my top tips that will aid you in becoming a master parrot tamer.

  1. Be Prepared: Always ensure you have enough seeds before embarking on your parrot taming journey. Parrots are enticed by all types of seeds, so stock up on wheat, melon, pumpkin, and beetroot seeds.
  2. Stealth Approach: Parrots are skittish creatures. Avoid making sudden movements or running as this will scare them off. Approach slowly and steadily to gain their trust.
  3. Patience is Key: Just like taming a fox, taming parrots requires patience. It may take several attempts and a significant number of seeds before a parrot becomes tamed.
  4. Keep Your Distance: While the parrot is being tamed, keep your distance. Parrots have a wide field of vision and can easily spot you if you get too close.
  5. Avoid Predators: Ocelots and cats are natural predators of parrots in Minecraft. Ensure that these creatures are not in close proximity when you are on your parrot taming expedition.
  6. Use the Right Click: To feed the parrot seeds, right-click on the creature. Don’t left-click as this will hit the parrot and scare it off.
  7. Identify Tamed Parrots: A tamed parrot can be identified by the red hearts that float around it. Once tamed, a parrot will follow you around, although it can be told to sit if you right-click on it.
  8. Transportation Trick: Just like you would do when taming a horse, you can use a lead or a boat to transport your tamed parrot.

Remember, taming parrots in Minecraft is not just about the thrill of the chase or the satisfaction of having a colorful companion. It’s about understanding these fascinating creatures and learning to coexist in the vibrant world of Minecraft. Happy gaming!


Recap of the Guide

As we traverse back through this illuminating journey of mastering the art of taming parrots in Minecraft, we recognize the multitude of aspects we’ve covered. We delved into the core understanding of parrots in the game, exploring their habitats, behaviors, and unique traits.

We then embarked on a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to tame these vibrant creatures, starting from gathering necessary items, spotting a parrot, and finally, the intriguing process of taming. We also shed light on the numerous benefits that a tamed parrot can bring to your Minecraft experience, from alerting dangers to providing companionship and even serving as a decorative element.

Furthermore, we tackled common challenges in this taming process and discussed strategies to overcome them. Lastly, we shared invaluable tips and tricks to enhance your parrot-taming skills.

Encouragement for Practice and Patience in Taming Parrots

Taming parrots in Minecraft, much like taming a fox or a cat, requires not just knowledge and skill, but also a hefty dose of patience. Remember, it’s a game of chance. The parrot won’t always accept your seeds on the first, second, or even third try. Persistence, in this case, is indeed a virtue.

Don’t let a few unsuccessful attempts deter you. Each failed attempt is a step closer to success. And once you succeed, the rewards are manifold. A loyal, vibrant companion who not only adds a dash of color to your gaming experience but also aids in your survival in the ever-challenging world of Minecraft.

In conclusion, I urge you to embark on this thrilling journey of parrot taming. Harness the knowledge you’ve gained from this guide, exercise patience, and keep practicing. The world of Minecraft is at your fingertips, teeming with possibilities. Happy taming!

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