What Do Endermen Eat in Minecraft? Discover Their Mysterious Food Choices!

Welcome, fellow crafters! Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Minecraft, a realm teeming with diverse creatures, each with its own unique abilities and intriguing behaviors. Today, we will be focusing on one of the game’s most mysterious mobs: the Endermen. As enigmatic as they are formidable, Endermen have captivated players with their peculiar habits and cryptic food choices.

While the dietary preferences of other Minecraft creatures, such as sheep and cows, are fairly straightforward, Endermen’s eating habits are shrouded in mystery. This article aims to unravel the enigma that is the Enderman diet, revealing new facets of gameplay and enriching your Minecraft experience.

Delving into the inner workings of a game as expansive as Minecraft can be a daunting task. However, armed with the right information, we can start to understand these elusive creatures. So, let’s embark on this adventure together and discover some of the fascinating secrets behind the Endermen’s food choices. Shall we begin?

Who are Endermen?

As a seasoned aficionado of Minecraft, I’m well-versed in the diverse ecosystem of this virtual world. So, let’s delve into one of the game’s most enigmatic creatures, the Endermen.


Endermen are towering, gangly creatures, standing at three blocks tall. They are shrouded in a pitch-black skin that contrasts starkly with their hauntingly vibrant purple eyes. These eyes seem to pierce the darkness, making Endermen easy to spot in the dimly lit ender world or the shadowy depths of a nighttime landscape.


Endermen possess an array of abilities that set them apart from other mobs in the Minecraft universe, such as minecraft sheep or minecraft chickens. They have a unique capacity to teleport, which they often use to evade attacks or to quickly close the distance between themselves and their target.

Another intriguing trait is their ability to pick up and move blocks. This may seem like a harmless act, but it can lead to some unexpected consequences for unwary players. Endermen can remove a block from a carefully constructed building or even steal a block of TNT, potentially leading to explosive results!


Endermen are predominantly neutral creatures, choosing to ignore players unless provoked. This pacifist behavior changes dramatically if a player makes the fatal mistake of looking directly into their eyes. This action triggers an aggressive response, causing the Enderman to attack until either it or the player is defeated.

Endermen also showcase an aversion to water, similar to the way cats, such as the in-game minecraft cats, react to being submerged. This hydrophobia extends to rain as well and can often lead to Endermen teleporting erratically in an attempt to avoid the falling droplets.

In a nutshell, Endermen are complex, multi-dimensional creatures with a unique set of abilities and behaviors. Their presence adds an element of unpredictability and challenge to the vast Minecraft landscape, making the game all the more engaging and exciting for players. Stay tuned as we explore what these enigmatic entities prefer to munch on in the upcoming sections.

What Do Endermen Eat?

Endermen and Ender Pearls

If you’ve ever wondered about the diet of these towering creatures, let me enlighten you. Unlike the Minecraft animals whose nutrition comes from the classic minecraft animals food (like seeds, grass, carrots, or apples), Endermen follow an entirely different dietary pattern.

In the world of Minecraft, Endermen have a unique fascination with Ender Pearls. While it’s not that they consume these pearls, they do hold a strong connection with them. Ender Pearls are dropped by Endermen upon their demise, becoming a kind of symbol or artifact of their existence. This association often leads players to the false assumption that Ender Pearls are a form of food for Endermen. However, this is not the case.

Endermen and Blocks

Now, if Ender Pearls aren’t their sustenance, what do these enigmatic beings consume? The answer is quite surprising. Endermen, in a peculiar display of behavior, have a propensity to pick up and carry certain types of blocks. While this may not seem like ‘eating’ in the traditional sense, it is the closest thing to consumption seen in these obscure creatures.

Endermen can lift and carry a variety of blocks, including grass blocks, clay, TNT, cacti, and pumpkins, among others. However, their interaction with these blocks is not to derive nutrition, like a minecraft cow munching on wheat, but rather a part of their unique behavioral pattern.

In a world where a minecraft pig feasts on carrots, and a minecraft chicken pecks at seeds, Endermen stand out with their unconventional ‘diet’ of blocks. This mysterious conduct is what sets them apart from other mobs in the game, adding another layer of intrigue to their already enigmatic existence.

So, while it’s not ‘eating’ in the traditional sense, the act of picking up and moving blocks does seem to be a vital part of the Endermen’s existence. Although we can’t fully comprehend the hows and whys of this behavior, one thing is clear – in the realm of Minecraft, Endermen march to the beat of their own drum.

Unique Endermen Behavior

In the pixelated universe of Minecraft, Endermen exhibit some intriguing, and at times, vexing behaviors. The two most notable among these are their ability to teleport and their aggression towards players. Let’s delve deeper into these.


One of the most fascinating attributes of Endermen is their ability to teleport, a skill that sets them apart from other Minecraft mobs such as sheep or chickens (minecraft sheep food, minecraft chicken food).

Endermen can teleport up to 32 blocks in any direction, adding an unpredictable and elusive aspect to their character. This teleportation ability is not merely a form of movement; it is also their defense mechanism. When threatened, Endermen will make a swift teleportation move to escape danger. Additionally, they use this ability to avoid contact with water, which damages them.

Aggression Towards Players

Possessing a unique temperament, Endermen are typically neutral creatures, meaning they won’t attack players unless provoked. However, things take a hostile turn if a player directly gazes at them. This act is perceived as a threat, instigating immediate aggression from the Enderman.

Once provoked, an Enderman will charge at the player, relentlessly pursuing them until either the player perishes or the Enderman is defeated. Their teleportation prowess makes them formidable foes, as they can easily evade attacks and close the gap between themselves and the player.

It’s critical to note, however, that Endermen will not become aggressive if a player is wearing a pumpkin on their head. This is because the pumpkin obscures the player’s gaze, preventing the Enderman from feeling threatened.

In conclusion, Endermen are a unique mob in Minecraft, exhibiting behaviors that significantly differ from other creatures in the game. Their ability to teleport and their distinctive aggression towards players make them a challenging, yet intriguing, entity to interact with.

How to Interact with Endermen

Interacting with Endermen in Minecraft can be quite the adventure, whether it involves feeding them or engaging in a little combat. Let’s delve into the specifics of both.

Feeding Endermen

Unlike many of the creatures in Minecraft, Endermen have a peculiar diet. One might think they could be fed similar items as other Minecraft animals, but this isn’t the case. Endermen don’t actually eat in the traditional sense. They are drawn to Ender Pearls and blocks, but not for nourishment. Instead, they use these items for teleportation or building purposes.

Remember, offering an Enderman an Ender Pearl or block does not make them passive or friendly towards you. The act of ‘feeding’ is purely a game mechanic and does not alter their behavior.

Fighting Endermen

Now, let’s shift gears to a more adrenaline-fueled activity – battling Endermen. These long-limbed creatures are not to be underestimated. They wield a hefty 40 hit points and can dish out significant damage.

Before you engage an Enderman, make sure you’re adequately equipped. Wearing a pumpkin on your head can prevent them from becoming hostile when you look at them. When it comes to weaponry, swords are your best bet.

Pro tip: Endermen are three blocks tall, so creating a two-block tall shelter can give you a great advantage. They won’t be able to reach you, but you can still hit them!

Remember, Endermen can teleport away when they take damage, making them tricky opponents. However, they cannot teleport when they’re in contact with water, so use this to your advantage in combat scenarios.

Interacting with Endermen, whether by attempting to ‘feed’ them or by engaging in combat, adds a layer of intrigue and challenge to your Minecraft experience. Even though they can’t be tamed like Minecraft dogs or fed like Minecraft villagers, their unique characteristics make them a fascinating part of the game. Stay prepared, stay alert, and happy gaming!


Wrap Up of Endermen’s Food Choices and Overarching Behavior

As we’ve journeyed through the enigmatic world of the Endermen, it has been intriguing to delve into their mystifying behaviors and peculiar dietary habits. Ender Pearls and blocks are their sustenance of choice, distinguishing them from other entities in the realm of Minecraft. Their consumption preferences are as mysterious as they are, providing an insight into the unique ecology of this immersive game.

Endermen’s abilities to teleport and their often aggressive demeanor towards players further amplify their elusive nature. Their interactions are indeed a source of fascination, and their unique behavior sets them apart in the Minecraft universe.

Remember, understanding and respecting the behavioural patterns of Endermen can make your encounters with them less perilous. Feed them with caution and be prepared for a possible battle if things escalate. The world of Minecraft is vast and complex, filled with numerous creatures each with their own quirks and characteristics. For example, the diet of the Minecraft sheep or the feeding habits of Minecraft villagers provide further captivating exploration for the curious gamer.

In the grand landscape of Minecraft, the Endermen stand as a testament to the game’s intricate and layered design, offering players an engaging and challenging experience. It’s their unique characteristics, such as their dietary choices and behavior, that craft an immersive world full of mystery and adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer to the game, understanding the Endermen’s food choices and overarching behavior will undoubtedly enrich your Minecraft experience. As you continue your journey, remember, knowledge is your greatest tool and can often be the difference between survival and defeat.

So, the next time you encounter an Enderman, remember what you’ve learned here. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tame an Enderman in Minecraft?

Despite Minecraft’s diverse array of tamable creatures, Endermen unfortunately do not fall into this category. Unlike wolves, which you can tame using bones, or cats, which are won over by fish, Endermen remain fiercely independent entities in the game. Their enigmatic nature and elusive behavior make them a challenge to interact with, let alone tame. In other words, you cannot bend an Enderman to your will as you might with other minecraft animals food.

What happens if an Enderman attacks me?

Endermen, when provoked, can prove to be formidable adversaries. They are capable of dealing a significant amount of damage, and their ability to teleport makes them challenging to combat. If an Enderman targets you, it will pursue you relentlessly, teleporting in and out of your line of sight while launching attacks. Unlike minecraft zombies or skeletons, Endermen won’t burn in the sunlight, which means they can continue their attack even at dawn. Therefore, it’s wise to be well-armed and armored before picking a fight with an Enderman.

Can I feed an Enderman something other than Ender Pearls or Blocks?

Endermen have a rather unique diet compared to other creatures in Minecraft. They are not interested in traditional food items like minecraft chicken food or minecraft cow food. Instead, they have a penchant for picking up, carrying, and placing down blocks. They don’t eat these blocks, but rather utilize them in their idiosyncratic behavior. Ender Pearls are not consumed by Endermen either; instead, they are dropped by Endermen upon defeat. Therefore, the answer is no, you cannot feed an Enderman anything, as they do not have the same feeding behaviors as other Minecraft creatures.

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